3 bloggers arrested

update: I was apparently unclear below, apologies: I have nothing to do with these bloggers being arrested by the police and air max bw pas cher Six Apart was not hosting them, but the French radio Skyrock (Skyblog). They were air max safari calling for violence and riots on their blogs, trying to get more people in the streets burning cars and schools, this is why the police arrested them

Unfortunately many living in the suburbs are encouraging violence and crime using blogs and three of them where arrested ([FR, AP]) by the Police today. I can only approve that, blogs are not above the law and we should stop people encouraging violence using them.

As most news sources seem to be indicating, the rioters have been young people, generally, not those of working age. But if they were mostly adults, yes, air max pas cher the jobs of which you speak wage labor without health insurance, overtime air max 90 or vacation pay happily keep them from fighting against the injustices of racial discrimination in France. in its labor laws and welfare air nike air max pas cher max tn reforms. has done by nike air max classic bw them. Katrina was a refreshing reminder of the benefits of joining as productive members.