Benjaman Bachelder from Berkeley California United States of America HC Username bassdrumben

Public Profile Name:Benjaman Bachelder Street:1140 Hearst Ave Apt. I’m pretty keen on giving people travel advice, especially air max enfant newbies and people who are a bit timid about the whole thing, because I’ve had countless people help to get me where I am. I’m an avid hitchhiker and world traveller and big proponent of a global community, even if it is only a sub community beneath the corporate and beaurocratic mongrels that hog all the attention.

So If you’re feeling lost or unsure and just need to talk to somebody who knows what the heck you’re talking about, give me a shout. If you’re looking for a crash pad, chances are I’m crashing someone else’s pad already. I’m getting married soon, too! I have air max classic been to france air max all seven continents and hitchhiked in most of the countries I’ve been to. Nowadays I’m better suited as a host, though our apartment isn’t quite set up for it yet.

If you ever nike air max 2013 need any advice on travel, especially if you want to hitchhike, travel on a near zero budget, or just plain want to follow your dreams and need a sounding board, give nike nike air max pas cher air max classic bw me a shout. I’m happy to give nike air max 90 pas cher you info on Antarctica, but I can’t help too much in getting you a job.