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encountered a strange bug, specifically with Todays dirt daily air max pas chere pas cher involving the Audi on Spain, after every. area change or load, such as service area, loading the stage, or shakedown the game started lagging air max safari nike air max 90 horrendously down to 25 fps when i’m normally at 65 or so, but I could work around it by going into graphics settings and toggling something, in this case I chose shadows, so It would start set at medium, i’d hit shakedown, see that it’s laggy during the countdown (it’s that obvious) so i’d go in switch shadows to low and it’d stop lagging, BUT if I finish that shakedown it’d lag again at service area, or at the next shakedown so I would go in and switch it back to medium shadows to fix it, and so on, had to do nike aire max this for every shakedown and nike air max bw also for when I did the actual stage. times seems to differ by almost 30 sec.

When driving E30:

(I finished 13th)

And the same track, difficulty, and everything else with Ascona:

I would expect AI times to be similar between runs, otherwise nike nike air max pas cher air max classic bw it seems that my choice of car (and not finish time) heavily influences my final position.