‘The Entire City’

The Entire City 1934 is an oil painting on paper mounted on canvas by the German surrealist artist Max Ernst. The painting depicts a cityscape comprised of a mass of geometric forms set against a deep blue sky. The dark air max bw pas cher shapes that comprise the buildings of the city are marked by striations and floral patterns highlighted in orange and pink tones. A small white ring in the upper left hand corner of the composition seems to represent the moon. The lack of detail or definition, along with the layered, textured structures, suggest that this might be a city in ruins.

The Entire City is part of a series of around twelve paintings on the same theme that Ernst made between 1933 and 1937. The two final works in the series, made air max bw pas cher in 1935 7 and also titled The Entire City, are larger in scale than the earlier versions, with one measuring 970 x 1600 mm (Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, Venice) and the other 970 x 1460 mm (private collection). Both these versions have a larger expanse of sky that covers roughly half of the canvas, in contrast to the earlier paintings where the sky forms around one quarter of the overall composition. Ernst air max safari recollected in 1953 that he painted the 1934 version of The Entire City owned by Tate in the studio of the British surrealist painter Roland Penrose at the Chateau de Pouys in the south of France, where he was being hosted at that time as an exile from his native Germany.

In order to create the textured effect seen in The Entire City Ernst used a technique called grattage, which involved running an object or piece of material, such as a plank of wood or the backbone of a fish, over the painted surface. Using this process he could incorporate unexpected marks and shapes and imbue the work with an element of chance. Grattage, a term coined by Ernst that means ‘scraping’ in French, was developed by the artist from a similar technique called frottage that involves rubbing a pencil or crayon over a piece of paper that is placed against a textured surface. As early as 1921 he made a group portrait painting titled All Friends Together that depicted many of the surrealists, including André Breton, Paul Eluard and Louis Aragon, demonstrating the artist’s affinity with this like minded group of peers. In terms of his painting technique, at this time he abandoned almost all traditional modes of painting by brush in a quest to go ‘beyond painting’ and embrace more automatic methods including experimental techniques like frottage and grattage (Schneede 1972, p.124).

In the printed catalogue The Tate Gallery’s Wartime Acquisitions the 1934 painting is listed under a different title as The Citadel, however in the Catalogue of the Tate Gallery’s Collection of Modern Art other than Works by British Artists curator Ronald Alley mentions that this was not the original title and that according to a statement by the artist ‘it should be called « La ville entire » (not « Study for ‘La ville entire' »)’. (Alley 1981, p.210.) However, the art historian Uwe Schneede has remarked that the cities in these paintings by Ernst ‘are not entire at all, but ruined citadels’, resembling the ‘ruins of some urban utopia by a nineteenth century architect the remains, after some disaster’ (Schneede 1972, p.147). Schneede, The Essential Max Ernst, trans.

The central rotund shape in this painting derives from a photograph of air max nike a Sudanese corn bin, which Ernst has transformed into a sinister mechanical monster. Ernst often re used found images, and either added or removed elements in order to create new realities, all the more disturbing for being drawn from the known world. The work’s title comes from a childish German rhyme that begins: ‘The elephant from Celebes has sticky, yellow bottom grease’. The painting’s inexplicable combinations, such as the headless female figure and the elephant like creature, suggest images from a dream and the Freudian technique of free association.

With Galerie Van Leer, Paris; with Redfern Gallery, London, air max pas cher 1937Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings, Redfern Gallery, London, June 1938 (31) as ‘The Citadel’; French and English Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings, Redfern Gallery, London, July 1938 (24); Summer Exhibition, Redfern Gallery, London, July September 1939 (146); French and English Paintings, Redfern Gallery, London, November 1939 (61); The Tate Gallery’s Wartime Acquisitions, National Gallery, London, April May 1942 (28); A Selection from the Tate Gallery’s Wartime Acquisitions, CEMA touring exhibition, September 1942 September 1943 (13)Werner Spies, Sigrid and Günter Metken, Max Ernst: Werke 1929 1938

(Houston Cologne 1979), No.2218, p.340 repr. (dated 1935)John Rothenstein, Modern Foreign Pictures in the Tate Gallery (London 1947), pl.100; Uwe M. Schneede, The Essential Max Ernst

(London 1972), pl.291

This is one of the most developed of a series of about a dozen paintings on this theme which Ernst seems to have begun in 1935 and which culminated in two large pictures of 1936 7 called ‘La Ville entière’, one 97 x 160cm in the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in Venice and the other 97 x 146cm in a Paris private collection, both of which have a larger expanse of sky, indications of an ancient chaussure nike air max ruined city in the distance and vegetation in the foreground. Ernst said in 1953 that this particular work was painted in 1934 while he was staying with Sir Roland Penrose at the Chateau de Pouys (Gers) in the South of France, and was executed in his host’s studio, but it would seem that he was mistaken about the year.

It has also been known as ‘The Citadel’, though this is not the original title. The artist said that nike air max 90 pas cher it should be called ‘La Ville entière’ (not ‘Study for « La Ville entière’

10 Benefits of Small Class Sizes

At EF Academy, a majority of our classes have an impressively low student teacher ratio of 15:1. High School Diploma, IB Diploma or A Level courses. Read on to find out about the benefits of a small class size and why we believe that it’s an integral part of a world class education.

In a smaller class, it’s more difficult for students to hide and get left behind. Fewer students means that each one gets attention from the teacher, and they are encouraged and pushed to take part and express their opinions.

Not only do students learn more in small classes, they also learn faster. And this means the class progresses through the course material more nike air max 90 quickly. Their learning is enhanced by the confidence students develop to share their opinions and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their peers.

Teachers at the front of a small class have more opportunities to observe and assess the class as a whole and the students as individuals. Learning is further enhanced when teachers and students can interact spontaneously in the classroom.

With fewer students per class, individuals can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives. These connections lead to lasting friendships. At an international school, students will respect and connect with peers who are from different cultures and countries chaussure air air max 90 pas cher max a skill that is very important in the globalized 21st century.

Small groups mean fewer voices and that means the students those voices belong to have more chances to speak up in class. They can apply the knowledge they’ve acquired as they participate in discussions and express their opinions.

In learning environments with a limited number of students, teachers can spend more time teaching the material and less time getting the attention of those who get distracted. air max nike Teachers can also cater to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.

Teachers have more time to individualize their feedback, ensuring that each student understands the material, gets the help he or she needs, and is reaching his or her potential.


Students and teachers at EF Academy often work together one on one, which gives teachers the opportunity to customize instruction and guidance, and students receive their instructors’ and mentors’ undivided attention.

With fewer students in a class, there is more time for air max 90 them to share their own ideas, express their opinions and describe their perspectives and where these come from, all of which enrich their international education abroad.

I am excited for my daughter to be old enough to start school, so she can meet new friends and learn things I am unable to teach her. It is good to know that there are many benefits to a school with small chaussure nike air max class sizes. I did not know that with fewer students per class, individuals can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when sharing their ideas and perspectives. We will keep this in mind while we choose a school for our daughter, thanks.

10 livres classiques de la littérature en partenariat avec Fluctuat

Conte philosophique grin et ironique, comme Voltaire aimait en composer, Candide se veut essentiellement une critique d’une interpr du providentialisme de Leibniz. Voltaire y met en effet en sc une accumulation abominable des atrocit commises en ce monde, infligeant m ses personnages une s de s que l’on croit sans fin.Comme son habitude (ce proc est air max bw pas cher l’oeuvre dans L’ sentimentale et Bouvard et P Flaubert utilise dans son roman le plus connu l’ironie pour d l’existence et le destin mis de air max enfant son personnage principal. Il ne s’agit pas d’une le moralisatrice, mais d’un exemple grin de sottise humaine, d dans un ton faussement neutre, et v pince sans rire. Germinal d’Emile ZolaBas sur une documentaire sur les mineurs, Germinal est l’un des meilleurs romans du naturalisme de Zola. Mais son talent dans les descriptions et son engagement politique estimable ne doivent pas occulter une dimension presque hallucin de son oeuvre.4. Eugenie Grandet de Honor de BalzacUn poignant destin de femme au coeur du XIX si prise en entre la dictature paternelle et l’ennui d’une petite ville de province. Bel Ami de MaupassantMaupassant, qui lui aussi avait s en tant que journaliste, met profit sa connaissance du milieu pour d en d les relations entre le pouvoir, l’argent, l’information, et bien entendu, les femmes. Il montre avec justesse comment ces derni rel l’arri plan m dans air max 90 pas cher les hautes sph exer un pouvoir r mais tabou, en tant que bonnes conseill de leurs riches et puissants Plus naturaliste au final que le Nana de Zola.6. Les fleurs du mal de Charles BaudelaireFaut il pr encore ce chef d’oeuvre absolu o exulte la beaut g par le vice et la souffrance ?Racine articule le propos de sa pi autour d’une intrigue amoureuse qui, en soi, ne saurait aboutir qu’ un d quel qu’il soit, donn le caract unilat des sentiments amoureux. A l’excellence classique de la langue et le respect des trois unit s’ajoutent les th de la fureur et de la folie de l’amour.8. Jacques le Fataliste de Denis DiderotDans la air max classic droite lign du Tiers Livre de Rabelais, des Contes des Mille et une nuits et tr pr de Vie et opinions de Tristram air max bw pas cher Shandy de Laurence Sterne (n la m ann que Diderot, mais mort plus jeune), ce roman n’a pas v d’intrigue, mais une multitude d’intrigues et de propos, servie par une prose aussi d qu’inventive.9. Le Rouge et le noir de StendhalUn roman qui d l’ascension sociale d’un jeune homme (Julien Sorel) dont l’ambition le contraint au mensonge et la dissimulation. Si les caract des personnages de Stendhal sont extr fouill (en particulier celui des deux ma de Sorel), c’est Sorel lui m qui est au cour du roman et de la focalisation du r Ses pens et ses sentiments sont expos avec une pr d’entomologiste. Mais Stendhal ne s’arr pas qu’ ses personnages, et dresse un tableau tr complet de la soci fran la veille de la R de 1830.10. Les Femmes savantes de chaussure nike air max MoliBien que beaucoup au XIX si aient consid cette com plaisante comme la preuve qu’il ne fallait pas trop les femmes, il est pr de bon ton de consid que Moli aurait voulu fustiger non pas l’ du beau sexe, nike air max 90 pas cher mais les beaux parleurs idiots et faux susceptibles de profiter d’elles.